Who is your Community Hero Nominee?

We want to shine light on the amazing individuals in our local community that give selflessly through their acts of kindness and generosity. In recent times we have again seen the resilience and determination of people in communities to support one another – this is the strength of community spirit that we applaud. Leadership and selflessness are often characteristics of fine individuals, who go unrecognised for their community spirit! Let’s acknowledge these special people together in 2023, as you cast your nomination for the top Greenbank Community Hero candidates.


The 7th Annual Winner will be announced at on Saturday 2 December at the Everleigh Twilight Country Christmas community annual festive celebration. Event starts 5pm – 8pm.

Will be also announced online after the community event

The 2023 Greenbank Community Hero Winner will receive a $500 prize in appreciation of their community hero spirit.

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Community Heroes

In 2015, the Enriching Communities Community Hero Awards was born out of the need to recognise those who are passionate about the local community.

At Enriching Communities, we believe that a community hero can be anyone who spends their time contributing to the local area through an act of service. They are usually the people who don’t expect to be thanked for the work they do but who we couldn’t imagine the community without.

They are the friendly neighbour who helped when you were sick, the mum who organised a fundraising raffle, the volunteer who you will see at every event and so much more. A community hero is a unique and special individual, who we believe deserves to have their hard work, dedication and love for Greenbank acknowledged.

Why Community Hero Awards

Greenbank is full of diverse, creative, hard-working and talented individuals who achieve incredible things each day. Highlighting their efforts to the world and local community allows for everyone to get behind them and say “thanks!” for all the amazing ways that they provide enrichment to the community.

The Annual Greenbank Community Hero Awards shines light on inspiring individuals and groups in our Greenbank neighbourhood and how they enrich the lives of so many!


For all enquiries contact Enriching Communities greenbank@enrichingcommunities.com.au