The 2018 Winner is Sharon Aldridge

Congratulations, Thank you to Sharon for all she does for the local community.

Stephanie Field

Community Hero Awards

Locally born former Greenbank State School Vice-Captain Stephanie Field’s journey of giving back to the local community began 10 years ago as a Greenbank Cub Scout working towards her current position as a young adult Venturer Scout, for which she is our youngest nominee for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Award…

Steph recently led a team of Venturer Scouts on a four-day expedition trekking and camping through Cooloola, Great Sandy National Park on the Sunshine Coast . Navigating the terrain, building the groups confidence, encouraging and empowering her peers to push through challenges demonstrates the leadership traits this young community hero nominee shares with Greenbank citizens.

Most recently, Steph was nationally recognised with the highest achievement possible for a Venturer Scout, the prestigious Queen’s Scout Award 2018. “A Queen’s Scout is a Venturer Scout, who having been thoroughly trained in Scoutcraft, places that training at the disposal of the community for public service.”

The Queen’s Scout Award saw Stephanie receiving a Royal Certificate from Her Majesty the Queen.

Scouting for her is about helping her peers, learning from the leaders, developing confidence in herself and others, supporting her peers through encouragement and the sharing of skills with a focus of giving to the local community.

Stephanie’s service to the local community through her Scouting journey is commendable and why she has been chosen as a 2018 Greenbank Community Hero nominee finalist.

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Jade Cooper

Community Hero Awards

Local farmer, wife, young Mum of four children and the Greenbank Busy Bees Director is community spirited Jade Cooper the driving force behind the resurgence of participation in the 30 year old playgroup that nearly closed up earlier this year. Her leadership to rebuild the group is why she has is being recognised as a 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Award nominee.

Without Jade the long established generational playgroup was at a turning point earlier in the year with participation numbers falling below a required operating standard. The self-funded group numbers markedly dropped with previous families heading off to big school but this did not discourage Jade rather it propelled her into action to keep Greenbank Busy Bees alive!

Jade’s foresight and passion for community led activations inspired her to seek support and ramp up awareness within the local area. Approaching Everleigh and Enriching Communities Greenbank for support was driven by Jade’s passion to ensure that this community group was still available for families to access. Her initiative has resulted in Everleigh by Mirvac funding the entire playgroup operation, including hall hire, morning tea and crafting materials and more. There is no pressure of families to financially contribute anymore, now the mums, carers and children are building social connections at the community driven playgroup.

Jade did not stop there. She tirelessly and continually promotes the group on social media, she is often answering enquiries, dealing with the legalities and requirements of Council, researching and sourcing supplies, and spending countless hours setting up the mountains of toys and activities that the children enjoy each week. Her community spirit inspires volunteering and models leadership and community heart through all she does.

All the behind the scenes efforts that Jade seeks no recognition for are testament to the community spirit she brings to Greenbank. She is the humble catalyst of energy that sees Greenbank Busy Bees thriving! With astounding participation rates beyond any previous years, Greenbank families now access a FREE weekly well-resourced enjoyable playgroup and this is why Jade Cooper has been chosen as a 2018 Greenbank Community Hero nominee.

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Sharon Aldridge

Sharon Aldridge is a true champion in the Greenbank community with her volunteer work dating back some 15 years supporting local families as a P&C President for both Greenbank State School and Greenbank C&K Kindergarten across the decades. Her dedication and service to families is why she is a nominee for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Award.

Sharon has been the driving force behind Greenbank State School’s P&C Association for over a decade, and her tireless volunteer efforts have been instrumental in bringing to fruition a number of significant projects that have benefited the greater school community. She has played a leading role in many of Greenbank Schools improvement projects such as the establishment of the Gumnut House Outside School Hours Care facility, the building of the School Hall, renovations of the Schools Tuckshop, along with being the organiser behind all fundraising events associated with Greenbank School.

Events like the Greenbank School Carnival simply would not be possible without Sharon being the motivator to make it happen. She is a tireless community volunteer, donates many hours of volunteer work every week, not only within Greenbank School community, but also through involvement in other activities and has never sought recognition or reward for her efforts.

Sharon contributes all that she does for no other reason than to help our community, and for those reasons her community spirit is deserving to be recognised as a nominee for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Award.

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Glenn Geissler

Glenn Geisller

Local father, husband and business owner Glenn Geissler has been giving back to the local community for some 14 years with his veterinarian service in and around Greenbank. Educating animal owners and upcoming professionals amongst other community services is why he is a nominee for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Awards.

The local veterinarian is passionate about giving back to the community, he provides a range of free information for locals and further a field animal owners hints and tips about how to care for their furry friends. One would not know from the outside that beyond providing wonderful local care for the animal community at his The Bloomin Vet practice, that Glenn gives back by supporting the advancement of education.

His 7 day vet practice produces regular educational videos that cover a broad range of medical, health and wellbeing information to assist not only local animal owners, rather creatively he is now educating sharing his knowledge further afield to reach more people in the digital communication space. Even further to that he is helping the next generation of students learn about the animal welfare field. Supporting 10-15 local secondary students each year with work experience placements along with placement hours for numerous vet nurses to practice and understand animal welfare in greater depth, is true community service in action showcasing Glenn’s commitment and generosity in the community.

Glenn’s community spirit goes even beyond education he gives back to the community through supporting lost, stray and injured animals for immediate emergency medical care. The Bloomin Vet practice is well regarded in the local area as a trusted animal medical facility, testament to Glenn’s passion and care for animals for which he has been chosen as a 2018 Greenbank Community Hero nominee.

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Jimboomba Rural Fire Brigade

Community Hero Awards

Protection of people and property in 1978 lead to the necessity to establish the Jimboomba Rural Fire Brigade (JRFB) for the then small farming community. Forty years committed service to the local community along with the volunteers drive to self-fund the necessary fire service is why JRFB is a nominee for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Award.

Devoid of local firefighting services ignited the establishment of the brigade, where local heroes gave back to the community by protecting the area for all those years. Running costs were met by either putting ones hand into your pocket or by running chook raffles and seeking donations. Trucks were stored at member’s homes until 1983 when the brigade was able to acquire a piece of land and construct a shed from which they could now operate which is still is in use by the current fire service today.

First Office Bernie Savage joined the brigade in 1990 serving the local area and beyond for some 28 years. Bernie recalls, how back then they were still funded by donations and the proceeds from raffles, however this meant there was a great deal of community engagement where the brigade was able to provide information to the community so they were prepared and resilient. The brigade not only supported the Jimboomba community but also helped citizens in the surrounding area, intrastate and interstate with not only firefighting but flood clean-ups, cyclone damage and much more.

In 2005, twenty one of the rural members were trained and upskilled to the auxiliary model whilst still maintaining the rural component of the brigade. Jimboomba became a Queensland first with a “Joint Service Delivery Model” of fire and rescue service provision. For thirteen years this model continued to service the community until only recently when the Jimboomba Rural Fire Brigade was disbanded on the 31 July 2018. The volunteer established rural fire brigade, protected and served the local community for an outstanding 40 years. In 2018 let’s take hats off to recognise those founding members, recent members and their families amazing dedicated community spirit as nominees for the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero Awards.

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The Winner will be announced at the Greenbank Christmas Fireworks to be held on Saturday 1 December 2018. Come along show your support as we show our appreciation and reveal the 2018 Greenbank Community Hero WINNER!

Community Heroes

The Community Hero Awards was founded by Enriching Communities in 2015 to recognise and appreciate special people who give to their local community.
They are unique people contributing to the local area through their acts of service, they ooze community spirit!

Often you will see them volunteering their time to help others, they lead by example and display initiative for the greater good of the local community without seeking any recognition for all they give!

Why Community Hero Awards

Showcasing the great efforts of a diverse group of local unsung heroes publicly allows the local community to get behind and thank these wonderful people that enrich our local communities. Often their efforts are unseen at large, by shining light through the Awards we can now appreciate their inspiring generosity and be reminded that collectively we are all part of something much bigger.

In 2018 the 2nd Annual Community Hero Awards at Greenbank is your chance to show your appreciation by supporting through your VOTE. The People’s Choice voting system is open until 11 November 2018.

Show your support. VOTE for your HERO today!