Mathew Hilder

Mathew Hilder, the current Chairman of the Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade moved to the Greenbank community just over 10 years ago. Originally seeking a volunteer role to make new connections, he found far more when he signed up to join the Brigade.

Nominated by the Brigade’s first officer Fabian Stagherlin, Matt is recognised as being an amazing ambassador for the Brigade and a great leader who is consistent and is always considering how he can help the community through new projects and innovations.
Matt said that he loves giving back to the community and was seeking a fun way to help when he stumbled across the Rural Fire Brigade.
“I’ve always been involved in some kind of community service work and I just drove past the fire station one day and felt drawn to signing up,” he said.
“My favourite part of the job is just being there for the community when they need help, especially being in the position to assist people on what can sometimes be the hardest day of their lives.”
Matt is one of our Greenbank Community Hero Award Nominees for his relentless dedication to the community and his drive to help in any capacity that he can. When asked his favourite things about Greenbank, Matt said that he loves seeing the community of Greenbank grow and change and developing new connections throughout the area.
“I love looking at how far local business and the community have come over the last ten years while still keeping the country charm and affordable lifestyle for families”.

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Mandi Thurston

Mandi Thurston is an exceptional local business owner with a passion for the local businesses of Greenbank and the wider community. As a small business owner, Mandi recognised a need for a service that aimed at promoting other small local businesses and developed the Facebook community called “We Are the Business Greenbank”.

“I wanted a way to help out all of the small businesses, the ones that often go unnoticed next to the big people,” she said.
“I wanted everyone in Greenbank to be able to see the small everyday businesses who are working hard and who deliver amazing work in the community.”
Suzanne Guastini from Enriching Communities said that Mandi has created a wonderful community for local Greenbank businesses.
“Mandi truly shows the characteristics of a local community hero with her giraffe approach of sticking her neck out to connect the local business community with other locals. Mandi’s initiative has seen so many local businessessupport each other on the free community platform – building a more connected business community. She is both inspiring and what we like to phrase as an agent of change, a worthy nominee for the 2019 Community Hero Awards,” she said.
Being new to the world of social media, Mandi didn’t quite know what to expect but within a few months, the page has already grown to over 800 members. The group is quite respectful and vibrant as Mandi takes an active administration role, always asking members before making any changes and encouraging new members to make posts and share their businesses.
Speaking of the local community, Mandi said that she loves the diverse range of the community as the new merges with the old and that she can’t wait for what is to come in the future of Greenbank.
“I love the acreage, the birds, and wildlife. It is simply just the most beautiful and peaceful spot in a great community.”

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Greenbank 50 Plus Founders Louise & Joy

Louise and Joy started something magical when they first set up the Greenbank 50 plus club just over seven years ago. Having lived in the community for quite some time, Joy recognised a need for people to have a way to combat loneliness and form more solid connections within the community. Louise had only been back in Greenbank for two weeks after living away before deciding to help Joy start the club.

Officially launching on the 24 May 2012, the group has since become a key source of connection, friendship and fun for a large and ever-expanding group in Greenbank. Louise said that her favourite part of being in the group was getting to see people enjoy themselves and keep coming back each week.
“Most people start out as strangers and then end up having such wonderful friendships where everyone is just there to help each other and have a great time with other local people,” she said.
Joy said that the idea formed also from her love of community and the idea that the community should be inclusive, not exclusive.
“I love encouraging people and wanted those who are 50 plus to have a way to step out of their comfort zones and get involved more in the local community,” she said.
Joy and Louise’s nomination has been enthusiastically backed by current President Carol Kuhl who noted that the pair have done incredible work for the community with their personalities complementing each other perfectly.
“They created a solution for a need in the community that wasn’t being met and I just think that is wonderful,” she said.

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Rob and Dell Livermore

Rob & Dell

Rob and Dell Livermore are the definitions of unsung heroes, having worked behind the scenes in the community as foster careers for the last 40 years. In an impeccable tale that we believe is worthy of an award, Dell told us all about how Rob and herself originally came to be foster careers.

“My son used to often bring home stray dogs for us to care for. One day he actually brought home a young lady who was in need of some help. She told us that she was currently in the foster care system, so we rang them up to ask where she was from. And you won’t believe it, but they asked if we would like to look after her. Of course, I said, “well, she is a lovely young lady so we would love to”. And that is where it all began,” she said.

Any foster child lucky enough to stay with Dell and Rob instantly become part of the family. They noted that their favourite part of being foster carer’s is seeing the transformation that can occur for a child just from being loved and given attention. Over the years they have watched as multiple children come out of their shells and begin enjoying life while in their care.

Not only do they give back to the community through foster care, but Dell also shares her Indigenous culture with the next generation through talks and educational events at local schools. With five kids of their own, they believe that family events are for everyone and that all children should have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy a safe and happy childhood.

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Community Heroes

In 2015, the Enriching Communities Community Hero Awards was born out of the need to recognise those who are passionate about the local community.

At Enriching Communities, we believe that a community hero can be anyone who spends their time contributing to the local area through an act of service. They are usually the people who don’t expect to be thanked for the work they do but who we couldn’t imagine the community without.

They are the friendly neighbour who helped when you were sick, the mum who organised a fundraising raffle, the volunteer who you will see at every event and so much more. A community hero is a unique and special individual, who we believe deserves to have their hard work, dedication and love for Greenbank acknowledged.

Why Community Hero Awards

Greenbank is full of diverse, creative, hard-working and talented individuals who achieve incredible things each day. Highlighting their efforts to the world and local community allows for everyone to get behind them and say “thanks!” for all the amazing ways that they provide enrichment to the community.

The Annual Greenbank Community Hero Awards shines light on inspiring individuals and groups in our Greenbank neighbourhood and how they enrich the lives of so many!

The 2019 3rd Annual Greenbank Community Hero Awards is your chance to show your appreciation by casting your VOTE here today. Our People’s Choice voting is open until 22 November 2019. Thank you for your support.

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